The Safe Community Alliance, composed of a number of volunteers from a variety of places in Texas, seeks to increase public awareness of important safety issues by providing information to communities. Much of that information comes from other sources, but much of it originates from the efforts of those dedicated SCA volunteers. From the small, rural, farming and ranching area, to the large, bustling, metropolitan city, when a community is aware of a potential danger, measures can be taken by that community to minimize, or even eliminate it. SCA's goal is for every community to be safe from those oftentimes hidden or overlooked threats to residents' well-being.

SCA has seen much improvement in many communities across Texas and the U.S. Many of these improvements are due to individual initiative and personal changes, while others are effected by petition of government, both state and local. In order to create and maintain a culture of safety in a community it is of utmost importance that action is taken when an unsafe situation is observed. Moral prerogative demands that a person act to eliminate or prevent an unsafe condition when they become aware of one. That moral obligation is what drives SCA.